My Random Thoughts
05/06/2011   Who said that you can't put a price on family? $360,000 seems to be the going price if you're a S***Bag
05/22/2011   I can't understand how any one cannot be a fan of the New York Yankees. 
                Supidity or Jealousy are the only things that come to mind
06/12/2011   Isn't it funny that more often than not; being kicked in the ass gives you hindsight
06/21/2011   People who drive slow in an HOV lane deserve to be shot.
06/28/2011   I can easily point to the saddest events in my life, but wouldn't know where to begin 
                to point to the happiest ones.  I'm a blessed man.
07/09/2011  Derek Jeter is now my all time favotite Yankee; no small feat; 
               considering all the great Yankee's that I have admired. Sorry Mick
07/24/2011   Some friends are friends; some friends are like family; some family is family; 
                some family are like friends; some family are like.....
08/05/2011   I think that I can make a $3.00 bag of Wise Potato Chips and a bottle or two of Coor's Lite my dinner.
08/12/2011   "Life is hard; it's even harder when you're stupid"  JohnWayne
08/19/2011   I think anyone who can juggle more than three things is a genius
08/27/2011   A Jenius is someone who is very, very smart and knows everything; everything except spelling
09/11/2011   Ten Years   Never Forget          09/11/2001  -  09/11/2011  
09/14/2011   I don't want any pictures, slide shows or videos played at my wake. 
                If someone needs to be reminded of what I looked like, they shouldn't be there.
10/01/2011   What is it about being a sports fan? Why is it that when your team loses 
                you can become physically sick?  a perfect example; Yankee's 2011 One & Out
10/16/2011   "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, 
                but you can't fool all of the people all of the time"   Abraham Lincoln
11/05/2011   Nobody gets an extra hour of sleep when we turn back the clocks; the only thing that happens                   is that we all are one hour hungrier at brunch.
11/12/2011   The average man lives to 80, to maintain that average, for every man that lives to 97 another                  man has to die at 62.  I'm 62; so I can't be too smug 
12/17/2011   "The wrong people die"  from "Bada Bing Bada Buddha" by Mike DeStefano
11/30/2011   Interesting that you don't learn anything when you're right but you may learn something when                   you're wrong.  So, the more times you are wrong the smarter you can get? 
01/08/2012   Today is January 8th; the final day that it is exceptable to say Happy New Year to anyone.                     If haven't done so yet, it's too late
01/18/2012   The people who smile when they see me, smile for a reason.  The people that don't smile when                  they see me usually don't deserve to smile when they see me.  It's all good.
02/22/2012   The average stupid person has an idea that he may be stupid, but really stupid people don't                      have a clue that they're stupid; very frustrating dealing with the latter..
03/31/2012   I didn’t win the $640,000,000 Mega; there’s 3 bucks that could have been spent wiser.  That’s                  two beers at the Yacht Club.I gave up "giving up" something for Lent.  Now that Lent is over, do I have to give something 
04/04/2012   I gave up "giving up" something for Lent.  Now that Lent is over do I have to give something up?..
04/04/2012   Airplanes are too big to “not see”.  If a bird smashes into one then it’s no accident; it’s suicde.
05/10/2012   The bigger problem in the USA is not that the 1% wealthiest own 98% of the wealth, the                        bigger problem is that 1% of the population has 98% of the brains.  I'm tired of stupidity
06/05/2012   “You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.                    So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.”  ― C. JoyBell C.
07/02/2012   These little mini-vacations we take to Rhode Island are really just "Traveling-Odes" to John & Ceil Lavan.
07/20/2012   Is there anyone on this planet that doesn't smile when they hear a baby laugh.
09/05/2012   Summer isn't over until "Se Si" comes out of the water, no matter what the weather or calendar says.
11/11/2012   Cancer Sucks
12/08/2012   The late great comic, Mike DeStefano said it best; "The wrong people die"
01/23/2013   11 degrees in NYC this morning (01-23-2013), sure happy I'm retired.
02/07/2013   No one, not even your worst enemy, can screw you like family
03/04/2013   We are always just one sailbaot ride away from happiness
03/26/2013   "Money only solves money problem" Thanks Mike DeStefano
04/27/2013   "Ob-La-Di" and "Se Si" are in the water.  Let the good times roll
06/09/2013   "Yea, we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun"  John Lennon
07/11/2013   I can't believe that I'm retired and still need a vacation
09/25/2013   There is nothing like spending time with old friends
12/15/2013   I have no thoughts; interesting
01/21/2014   "Meet the Beatles" was released 50 years ago and still has an effect on my life
02/28/2014   If I were a Beatle, I would be John Lennon (without Yoko)
04/01/2014   When a stranger, a business partner or a friend screws you; that's life. When family screws                     you; that's death
05/10/2014   How come you never see a Chinese guy with a yamaka?
06/15/2014  If I die on a Friday and you have a dinner engagement on Sunday, go to dinner but don't say
              "Stephen would have wanted me to go".  I promise I won't care either way
07/14/2014  Some people are more content if other people think that they're happy; instead of actually       
                being happy. (We all know who I mean.)  
08/22/2014   If you're over 60 and still wearing your Yankee cap backwards = you're a fool  (We all know who I mean.)  
09/24/2014   A cruel fact of life: There is no way you can insert a suppository without losing your dignity  
10/27/2014   Another cruel fact of life: My arms are too short to take a decent selfie. 
12/15/2014  I keep Christ in Christmas; when I open a bill I say "Jesus Christ"
12/27/2014  Does anyone else think it's funny when someone actually grows a beard as a "beard"?
01/10/2015  Some on my family members hide their true identity better than Clark Kent 
03/10/2015  My Blue Jeans are torn in two places; I still wear them, not because I'm stylish but because I'm cheap
04/17/2015  As of April 17th 2015, I haven't worked one day in seven years.  I finally found something that I'm good at:
               No More, for now
05/30/2015  The day may never come when everyone realizes that I was right, but that's OK because I know it.
12/30/2015  A new year commences; who really gives a shit?  The only thing different about January 1st and December 31st is that my pension check gets deposited on January 1st